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It’s really starting to heat up over here now; jeans are out and shorts are om their way in. So why, when I hit the streets, do I see guys wearing the same things? (I know, it’s my usual rant!) Converse with no socks or a pair of Birkenstocks. I’m not disrespecting those pieces of footwear, they are fine, in fact, they are better then fine. But sometimes you need to spice things up a little. You don’t wear the same pair of shorts or top all the time, so why do you have to wear the same shoes in summer? This week we’re going to solve that problem for you. Here are our top five summer footwear styles. It’s time to mix things up and make life interesting.

  1. Driving Mocs
    Driving shoes or Moccasins are exactly that. They are shoes that were originally designed for driving, as the sole is thin allowing the feet to better feel what’s underneath it. Although they still serve their purpose well, they now also make a great piece of summer footwear. Driving Mocs look a little like slippers and they’re usually made from one piece of material, making them light and extremely comfortable. Most Mocs come in suede, so immediately, they bring something different to your footwear collection. They also come in a wide range of colours, making them perfect for outfit co-ordination.
    Their styles vary and range from tasselled mocs to loafer styles. They cheekily borrow from others styles but always seem to pull it off with their own unique twist. Pair them up with chino style shorts to create a great preppy look.
  2. Boat Shoes
    British summertime’s favourite footwear. Boat shoes are a classic style. Like Mocs, they come in a variety of shades although the main style remains the same. Team them with tailored shorts or wear them without socks with a pair of chinos, and add some Oliver Peoples glasses for serious style points. Don’t hold back with the colours! Summer is the perfect excuse to add colour to your look!
  3. Sandals
    Many men fear sandals. Why? Because their toes look like Nik Naks and could be mistaken for the feet of mum-ras! But for those of use who’ve been blessed without feet from middle earth, sandals are a great change. Nowadays, the designs are really going all out with recent incarnations including a sandal/boot hybrid. However, most of us would be fine just sticking to a good pair of Birkenstocks. You’re best rocking your sandals with shorts, if you do want to pull them off with chinos trousers then go for it- they both work fine.
  4. Flip Flops
    Flip flops. Do I really need to explain? Flip flops work well especially if you’re on holiday. They’re probably lighter than your iPod and look good with almost any pair of shorts, from Bermuda’s to cargos. A clean white pair is the most versatile and cost next to nothing (well 99p if you’re cheap enough to hit Asda. But don’t. They will dissolve into powder the MOMEMT you pay for them at the till.)
  5. Loafers
    Loafers are the classier footwear option for summer. As a rule of thumb, ankles must be creamed beforehand as you don’t wear them with socks. Pair them with some tailored shorts or hemmed trousers.
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