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Explore Your Chances With the best Handbags Now

Back to school cool girls. So yes, it’s hard “subway, job, sleep” some say. But let’s see the good side of things: it’s the perfect opportunity to buy a new handbag. Then satchel, satchel or bucket bag? Shoulder strap or shoulder? How to choose your handbag in front of so many choices? Here are the tips for choosing your bag.

  1. How to choose your handbag without being mistaken

A bag yes. But for what?

Yes, it seems a little trivial said like that, nevertheless, this is the first question you have to ask yourself to choose your handbag especially if you have decided to spend on a minimalist dressing and you have already done a big sort in your closets. With the carry handbags the deals get the best returns now.

So do not be wrong, so you have to ask yourself the question of the use of your bag. Are we talking about an everyday bag or a favorite piece for more elaborate looks?

  1. Choose the color of your bag

That’s it, you’ve found the bag of your dreams and here you hesitate: “I take it in red or black? Because yes, when you have to choose your handbag, the choice of color is a real dilemma.

for those who dare color, a more flashy colored bag like a raspberry red or a turquoise blue, will give pep’s to any outfit provided that we do not abuse the mixture of color.

  1. Choose a bag that lasts a long time

We do not know about you but when we really love a piece, it becomes our piece and we like to wear it again and again.

For a bag, we think it must be a bit like that. A bag is a little like our companion, we love it, we lug around with us and we entrust what we have most valuable.

In short, if you too like a bag that lasts a long time, we advise you to opt for solid and durable materials. Leather bags are my favorite. If you take good care, a leather bag can last for years and frankly what’s more beautiful than a leather bag beautifully paginated.

  1. How to choose your handbag: a question of size?

Then there are several small theories they emphasize the morphology. Full of rules that explain to us that if you are small, it will be necessary to choose a small bag while the big ones are the only ones to have the chance to be able to carry oversize bags.

Well, the rules are good but the most important thing is to feel good. So choose, first and foremost, a bag that you like and which also highlights you.

So on that, our advice would be rather to listen to you and if you want to give you a big purse bag, well do yourself a favor.

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